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Intelligent Blocker ICE mini+

Intelligent Blocker ICE mini+

The ICE mini+ satisfies operators with simple, fast and improved accurate blocking. This is the solution for complicated decentering calculation, lens drawing and axis shift when blocking. You can easily and precisely input the hole position data on the enlarged image of the lens, allowing the operator to confirm the demo lens shape outline and hole position data. Advanced Shape Editor also allows you to edit the shape data to the maximum flexibility when the near point of progressive lens doesn't fit the outline.

Simply place the marked lens on the table. Input all data on the LCD touch panel. The data to be input are the lens type, frame type, grinding mode and lens layout data which include FPD, PD, height of optical center and size. Blocking with the blocking arm. Flexible 3-pin lens support, holding the lens from the top, greatly helps the operator to achieve easy and accurate blocking.

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